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14 November 2018

Friday, July 19, 2018; a mother of a 17 month-old boy unknowingly left her son inside a parked car while she went to work. The baby was secured inside a child safety car seat. The engine was turned off and the windows rolled up.  About eight hours later, realizing her child was inside the car, the mother called 911. Temperatures were in the upper to mid-90s that Friday afternoon according to the National Weather Service.

06 August 2018

“Please get in your car seat, please sit down, please get in your seat we are leaving…

…Play my music daddy, play my song. Daddy play my music. Daddy my music! Daddy!

What restaurant sweet heart? Where do you want to eat sweetie? Tell daddy, where do you want to go?  

We are in a restaurant, please sit down. Please sit in your chair, we are trying to eat.